Delphix appendix
Virtualization product for securely distributing database and application data to developers, testers, QA, staging and auditors.
Additional work in Mobile

Initial Delphix engine
Original UI for database virtualization engine built on flex/as02 framework.

delph dashboard before delph dataset before

Initial dashboard tables with activity, history, capacity and performance analytics and admin access and metric information on managed databases and environments.

delph timeflow before delph wizard before

Time flow UI to enable, provision, refresh and rollback from available database sets and wizard to different workflows for a variety of Delphix database services and functions.

delph actions before delph alerts before

Access to different functions and services from nav and icon dropdowns and buttons and faults and actions displayed with modals and sidebars.

Project Lotus
Project Lotus was an in-house hack project with internal developers, engineers, solution architects and myself to address the technical and visual debt accumulated by this fast growing and innovative database product.

While it was understood and accepted that there were product issues that would be “addressed later". We undertook this proactive exercise to drive some aspirational vision documents towards a next generation beta. This resulted in a lunch-time/after-hours initiative which assembled diverse competencies from different parts of the organization to aggregate, whiteboard and capture some product strategy hacks to present to the executive team.

The following slides in this portfolio are culled from this collective groupthink. Also integrated into these examples are applied interactions models, product patterns and artifacts that were active user story tasks.
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